Final Piece: Photoshoot

For my final pictures, I did photoshoots in two locations, one outside in an outside dining area and one in my mum's treatment room, which I turned into a dining room setting, as there was a large plain wall available for my wall hanging. To make the photoshoot more professional and realistic, I made a... Continue Reading →

Final Piece: Attaching wall hanging to branch

To attach my wall hanging to the branch, I used velcro as I wanted the fabric to look like it was really hanging from the branch, instead of attached to it. I used the hazel branch I planned to use when researching wall hangings, as it has a nice texture, and isn't too gnarled.

Photoshoot Research

Before photographing my final pieces, I compiled a mood board of ideas for the different photos I needed to take, such as editorial shoots, product photos, and inspiration on presenting and laying out the pictures. Interior Photography Research Paul Massey Paul Massey is a photographer from London who has photographed everything, from prime ministers to... Continue Reading →

Final Piece: Dyeing Napkin Fabric

I mordanted my napkins in the same way as the tablecloth because I was short on time. I then dyed the fabric with half a cabbage as the cabbage dye is very strong. The dye bath I created from the cabbage was a lovely grey-blue colour, but I have found from my sampling that cabbage... Continue Reading →

Final Piece: Designing Napkins

Along with my wall hanging and tablecloth, I wanted to design some napkins to add to the collection I am creating. To decide what design to do on my napkins, I first sketched a selection of designs, playing around with elements from my wall hanging and tablecloth. I then selected my favourite one and made... Continue Reading →

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