WAWWA is a brand whose aim is to create well-designed garments that have a minimum impact on the planet and as positive an impact on the people on it as possible. WAWWA is an excellent example of a brand that uses sustainability whilst still making cool and trendy clothing that looks like many streetwear brands... Continue Reading →

Lucy and Yak

Lucy and Yak is a hugely popular brand that is most well known for its dungarees. The brand is doing a great job at getting sustainability out there, and because their clothing is so unique and fun, the sustainable and ethical aspect of Lucy and Yak is almost second place. Their main factory is in... Continue Reading →

Patchwork: Comparing Fast and Slow Fashion

Fast Fashion - Shien £10.99 £22.99 Shien is a massive online fast fashion brand that sells tonnes of cheaply made, unsustainable clothes. When looking for patchwork examples, I found very few genuine patchwork pieces, and many of the products under patchwork were a print of patchwork, not scraps sewn together. The only real patchwork garments... Continue Reading →

Grown Textiles sample

To test out how well the seeds will grow on the bamboo wadding, I made two samples testing out patterns and, by leaving one set of seeds uncovered, how the damp paper towel over the seeds affects germination. After a couple of days, the second sample showed signs of germination, whereas the first was unchanged.... Continue Reading →

Bamboo Sustainability

Fabric made from bamboo has existed for thousands of years, produced in Asian countries like China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia. People made paper, houses, weapons, needles and most products we use wood to make today. Certain cultures in India and China have been producing this textile for centuries, and bamboo fabric festivals are still held... Continue Reading →

Choosing my Fabric and Making Toiles

For my grown top, I wanted a material that would be thick enough to hold the weight of the plants that are growing on it and would retain moisture, so the plants always have access to water whilst also being biodegradable. Through a lot of searching, I found a material made out of flax that... Continue Reading →

Final Design Board

Using the feedback from my family and my own preference, I decided on the design of my final piece and then drew a final detailed, in colour design drawing. I want to use greens and reds/pink tones in my patchwork and want my digitally printed fabric to have larger patches than the rest. There are... Continue Reading →

Rough Design Sketches

To start my design process, I first drew lots of different variations of what the two pieces I am going to create could look like, changing the placement of the seeds and patchwork and the actual shape of the garments. I then asked my family to choose their favourite designs from the six I had... Continue Reading →

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