Final photoshoot

For my final photoshoot, I used my nans garden and greenhouse as the location as I wanted it to feel like I was part of the garden. Having already done some research into garden-based fashion shoots, I copied some of the poses, and from my research into Tim Walker, I copied the composition of one... Continue Reading →

Logo design

from my logo research, I have drawn some rough logo design sketches for my brand. I experimented with using imagery from my name- Lily-Rose, and imagery from my final piece. I wanted my logo to be more colourful than the ones I had researched, as I want my brand to feel fun and playful, though... Continue Reading →

Logo Design in Slow Fashion

I researched several sustainable slow fashion brands to see how their logos differed from those of fast fashion brands and to see how slow fashion brands market themselves. When looking at all the logo's it's clear that in many ways they are very similar to each other - they're all monotone, they largely use black... Continue Reading →

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a contemporary British fashion photographer. He is known for his fantastical, eccentric images using elaborate sets and costumes. His fascination with photography began in Condé Nast's London library, where he worked on the Cecil Beaton archive before university. He shot his first Vogue fashion story at 25 and has been creating magical... Continue Reading →

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