Final piece: Harvesting and Composting the Grown Top

Once I was done with the project and had taken photos, I cut the plants from the tops I had made and used them to make a salad that my family had with dinner. The various microgreens tasted good and made quite a large amount of salad.

The tops also looked nice once with the leaves cut off, which offers another way to prolong the life of the top and change up the look if you don’t like it with leaves all over it.

To compost the tops, I cut the fronts from the backs so I can use the plain back parts as a weed suppressor in my garden. I then cut up the fronts into small pieces so it takes less time to decompose in my hot bin. Bamboo fabric usually takes five years to decompose but, because the material I have used is less refined than actual fabric, and the plants have already started breaking down the material, decomposition should take a lot less time.

I also love the root formation on the back of both of them, especially the circular one, as the root formations are also circles. I think you could definitely wear the tops with the roots facing out for a more understated look, and the texture is really interesting.

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