WAWWA is a brand whose aim is to create well-designed garments that have a minimum impact on the planet and as positive an impact on the people on it as possible. WAWWA is an excellent example of a brand that uses sustainability whilst still making cool and trendy clothing that looks like many streetwear brands such as Palace and Supreme. They use GOTS certified cotton, water-based ink, recycled and repurposed materials, and everything is vegan. They produce their garments in four different locations: Portugal, where they use planet-friendly dyes, and the factory is powered by solar power, Bolton where all the outerwear is hand made, India where the cotton is GOTS certified, powered by solar panels, and rainwater is collected and used in the manufacturing process and finally and in house factory where they make all of the accessories and other odds and ends. You can tell that WAWWA pays attention to the small details, as even the labels on the garments are made from recycled PET. I think their colour story is effective, it has a lot of earthy, natural tones that fit in with the brand’s ethos, and the graphics are also strong and link to nature and saving the environment.

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