Logo Design in Slow Fashion

Organic Basics | Eco-friendly. Ethically made.
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Thought | Bamboo, Hemp, Organic Clothing
Independent, Handmade, Sustainable Dungarees | Lucy & Yak

I researched several sustainable slow fashion brands to see how their logos differed from those of fast fashion brands and to see how slow fashion brands market themselves.

When looking at all the logo’s it’s clear that in many ways they are very similar to each other – they’re all monotone, they largely use black ink, and most have a specific reference to their sustainability credentials. At first, I was perplexed that they all had black and white logos – I had assumed that they would use earthy/bright colours to reflect colours traditionally associated with sustainability. However, after further consideration, I assume that black and white works best because of the clean lines, printing with black ink rather than colour will be cheaper, they may also be avoiding colour because these may require more harmful chemicals and/or be more expensive and finally, because to a certain extent, a black and white log will sit well alongside the fast fashion brands, making them more accessible and acceptable to mainstream consumers.

From this research, I will be keeping my log black and white and will include a strapline giving a clear indication of my brand’s sustainability credentials, although I would like to include a drawn element as well as my brand name because I want my brand to stand out.

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