Final Piece: Sewing the Patchwork Together and Plant Growth Check-In

Before I started the patchwork, I decided the best way to sew it together to produce as little waste as possible would be to create the patchwork for each pattern piece separately and then sew these together, rather than create one big piece of patchwork fabric.

I started by laying out the patchwork pieces onto the pattern, beginning with the left front panel. Once I had an arrangement I was happy with, I pinned and sewed the patchwork one section at a time. As I couldn’t lay out the pieces with an exact hem I found when I started to sew the pieces together, the patchwork piece ended up shorter than I had planned and wasn’t exactly fitting the original pattern. To solve this, as it is patchwork, I will sew on additional patches to the sides that are shorter than the pattern.

I am pleased with the look of the patchwork so far, and all the colours I have chosen are working well together and link to my digital print. I’m excited to see the final outcome.

In terms of plant growth, the paper towel cover has been taken off, and all of the seeds have germinated and latched onto the wadding well.

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