Final Piece: Cutting Out Patchwork Pieces

To start making my patchwork trousers, I first had to cut out loads of rectangles and squares from scraps of fabric I had collected from past sewing projects. I had picked out fabric that was green or had pink/red tones to fit in with the colour scheme I had set out in my design drawings. It took me three days to cut out what I thought were enough pieces to make the trousers. I tried to be as economical as possible when cutting out the shapes as I wanted to create as little scrap fabric as possible. The most considerable amount of scrap I produced was from a pair of shorts, as a lot of the material was unusable because it had a zipper, buttons and unpickable sewing. When cutting out my digital print, I made the pieces bigger than all the other scraps so that my pattern could stand out.

Although time-consuming, the process will be worth it when I begin to construct my trousers, as it means I will only have to lay the pieces out and sew them together, and because I used a ruler to mark and cut out the shapes, the pieces should fit together nicely.

While cutting out the fabric, I realised I didn’t want to throw away any of the scraps as I wanted the final piece to have as little waste as possible, so I saved all the scraps, and I hope to be able to use them as wadding in a bucket hat I would like to make if I have time, at the end of the project.

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