Seed and Grown Textiles Sampling

To test my final piece idea, I bought some microgreen seeds and conducted an experiment to test out all the seeds. I used cotton wool pads as little Petri dishes to test the growing time, how big they would grow and how quickly they would die. I kept a log of the growth in pictures, which I took regularly. From my experiment, I found that the red kale, radish, broccoli and peas grew the best, and looked the most appealing. I liked the colour of the red cabbage seedlings, but they grew quite slowly, and not as many of the seeds I ‘planted’ sprouted. I won’t be using the alfalfa and white mustard as they did not grow very tall and seemed to rely too heavily on watering. I was surprised by how long the seeds lasted as though they were only meant to last 14 days, they ended up lasting a few more days, and I think they would have lasted longer, but I had to go on holiday and could not regularly water them.

After the plants had died I was inspired to take some pictures of the plant’s root formations by the work of Diana Scherer, and. I think they have a great textural quality.

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