Rough Design Sketches

To start my design process, I first drew lots of different variations of what the two pieces I am going to create could look like, changing the placement of the seeds and patchwork and the actual shape of the garments. I then asked my family to choose their favourite designs from the six I had drawn. All of them went for the trouser option of the patchwork, and they all liked tops one, two and three equally. Based on the three top designs my family liked the most I then drew them again but in more detail, adding another design I thought of as well. I then asked my family which design they preferred again and they said one and three. I then did two more full-body drawings of both the top and trousers. Drawing top one with trousers that have smaller patchwork and top three with trousers that had larger patchwork pieces. Using all these rough drawings I have decided that I will make top one for my final piece as I think top three will be harder to sew, and I want to use a combination of large and small patches to make up the trousers.

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