Final Design Board

Using the feedback from my family and my own preference, I decided on the design of my final piece and then drew a final detailed, in colour design drawing. I want to use greens and reds/pink tones in my patchwork and want my digitally printed fabric to have larger patches than the rest. There are two different top designs as if I have enough time I would like to make the top with the circle pattern, as well the patchwork top. I like the way the patchwork top will mimic the trousers and I think it makes the set more cohesive. On my design board, I also have included a sample of the patchwork and a sample of my digital fabric as well as the colours I plan to use. I am really pleased with how my design board has turned out and I think it will translate well into the actual piece.

My intended audience for these pieces are consumers who want to buy more responsibly, and with the environment in mind. I also want consumers of any income to be able to buy this, so anyone can feel like they are doing their part to help combat fast fashion and climate change. I can see the trousers being sold in H&M or New Look, and the top possibly being sold as a grown your own kit in any clothing store or even supermarket, though if this was to actually happen it would be hard to monitor if scrap fabric was actually being used in the production of the trousers, or if organic bamboo was being used for the top.

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