Roya Aghighi

Roya Aghighi crea bioprendas capaces de generar oxígeno ...
Biogarmentry was a Student Notable in the Personal ...
Roya Aghighi Creates A Living Textile That Is Capable Of ...

Roya Aghighi is a multidisciplinary designer who aims to highlight the critical roles of design in shaping human behaviours. Her project biogarmentry is designed to address the drastic increase in the environmental impact of textile waste and air pollution and employs the fields of synthetic biology and design as a way to open up possibilities for the future of fashion. The project outcome is a 100% natural and biodegradable textile, that is both fully compostable and can purify the air through photosynthesis. As well as the garment being helpful to the environment, it is also an interesting experiment on how the consumer looks after clothing, as the lifecycle of the living textile is directly dependent on how it is taken care of. Aghighi is hoping this will encourage a shift in our current perceptions of fashion and how we treat it. The actual look of the garment is quite pleasing, and I can see it being used to go over all of your outfits when going outside to really utilise all of its photosynthesising properties.

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