Marian Bijlenga

Marian Bijlenga – apparat
Art I like:Marian Bijlenga - Happy Red Fish
Honolulu Museum of Art Exhibits Works by Marian Bijlenga ...
Marian Bijlenga, 'Sampler' | Photo wall, Artwork, Art

Marian Bijlenga is a dutch artist who uses thread, fabric, horsehair, fish scales, and parchment materials that are light, flexible, soft and open to endless development, to create natural-looking forms. Bijlenga is fascinated by “dots, lines and contours, by their rhythmical movements but also by the empty space they confine” and is inspired by the curves and movement of leaves on the trees, the swirling motion of water, the fungus that grows on rocks and trees. The use of blank space is effective

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