Youtube: TikTok is kind of bad for fashion

Although a lot of this video covered stuff I already knew, I still found this video interesting I never thought about how the people encouraging and contributing to the waste element of fashion are influencers and people who make massive haul videos. I also didn’t consider how social media makes trends come and go extremely fast, and people are almost peer pressured into buying more and more clothing because of the pace of trends and not wanting to be uncool, which is a real problem. Influencers should be encouraging their followers to re-wear clothes and find their style so that they don’t blindly follow the trends. It’s also interesting to think about how the people who don’t have the financial means to buy more sustainable aren’t a big part of the problem, as they are most likely purchasing the cheaper clothes to wear multiple times, regardless of whether the clothing is trendy or not. It’s also surprising that fast fashion brands plan when they drop new garments, making sure that all influencers ‘unbox’ the stuff at the same time to create a ‘buzz’ and eventually a trend.

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