Article: Why Clothes Are So Hard To Recycle

This article was informative as to where the clothes we throw away go and how difficult it is for clothes to be recycled, for example, even if the fabric is 100% cotton or another seemingly recyclable material, the other components such as thread and labels make it hard for the garment to be recycled. It also highlights how hard it is for a consumer to get rid of unwanted clothes in a way that doesn’t impact the environment. Only a very small percentage of our textiles waste gets recycled, it is only 13.6% in the US, and I was unable to find out how much in the UK. Donating is just passing the problem onto others. Clothes sorting charities spend millions on the labour needed to sort through the vast amount of donated clothing, and at Oxfam, six tonnes of the clothes donated are such poor quality they can only get used as the stuffing in car seats. It seems from the article that the best way to stop a large amount of clothing from going to landfills is to use new materials to make clothes that are either naturally compostable like the fabric made from off milk or made with less cost to the environment in the first place, using less water, natural dyes and fewer chemicals in general.

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