I found Jabara really fun and easy to sew and the outcome is very versatile. Cutting the layers out is the trickiest part, as layering the fabric makes it hard to cut out and to make a larger sample, I would’ve had to use quite a lot of fabric. I think Jabara could look great used like shoulder pads as I pinned it on the mannequin, or if it was larger, sleeves.

I developed the technique more by blowing up the pattern to make it bigger, cutting out another pair and using a different, thicker fabric. The fabric choice was not very good, as it shed a lot and was quite hard to cut through. It was also not as good at holding its shape as the calico, although I don’t mind the floppiness, as it gives the shoulder a softer, more feminine feel. I think that the softer silhouette would work well on a ball gown or evening dress.

Tomoko Nakamichi

* Alpine Heidi*: Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi
Pattern Magic 2 : Tomoko Nakamichi : 9781856697064

Tomoko Nakamichi is a Japanese author and was a professor at the famous Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. Her books are about Japanese pattern cutting, a precise mathematical approach to manipulating fabric. The crisp, clean lines created by the cutting and sewing is effective and makes the garment look immediately more expensive and high-end. The techniques shown can help sewers add a couture element to their clothes or make more sophisticated designs. Making your clothes can be a more sustainable approach to fashion as you can buy fabric from charity shops or online and create something that’s inspired by couture fashion but for less money and less environmental impact from mass production.

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