Subtraction Cutting Continued

Last lesson, we sewed the main shape of the dress, and in this lesson, we used the tunnel method to manipulate and gather the dress to shape it more to the body. The first thing we decided to get rid of was the bits of excess fabric, which were created by cutting and sewing the bodice, moving them to the back of the dress. We then tackled the bottom of the dress, which was too long at the front, so we added two circles to pull up the bottom and create more texture. The outcome is better than I thought it would be, and you can see how it would look great when used with complementary fabrics, as we only had donated material to work with on this dress. As you can see from the last picture, everyone’s outcomes were very different, and you can see the variations you can get from this technique. I can also see this technique looking good when used on trousers, tops and sleeves, and you could change the outcomes further if you used different shapes, such as triangles or more random abstract shapes. In terms of Eco-friendliness, subtraction cutting is better than most pattern cutting techniques, although there is still waste fabric produced from the cutting out the scraps, but these could be repurposed and used on the garment for embellishment.

Julian Roberts nothing nothing2 Collaboration

Nothing nothing2 is a collaborative collection between Julian Roberts and Mari Bendeliani, a Georgian designer. It was created during lockdown, when they where separated by travel restrictions. Roberts would send Bendeliani fabrics, and then she would use Roberts techniques mixed with some or her own to transform them into unique one of a kind garments. They try to use every scrap of material, so there is as little waste as possible.

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