Mirrored Prints

For my first mirror print, I used a photo of a lung cell I took under a microscope and adjusted the contrast, brightness and darkness of the image. I then cropped the photo to a smaller, interesting section and then duplicated the photo to make the first pair. I then copied that to make the first mirror pattern and experimented with blend modes to see how it changed to the colour and contrast of my print. To make the mirrored print more complicated, I copied and rotated the print 90 and messed around with blend modes, then copied and rotated the image 45 and messed around with blend modes again. I think the final pattern looks complicated, even though it only comes from a single picture. To improve, I think I would change the colour of the photo more at the start, as the colours I have ended up with are a bit garish and clash with each other. To see what the pattern would look like as a repeat print, I duplicated it multiple times on an A4 page, and I think the print looks better repeated many times than it does on its own.

I used a microscope photo of a leaf stem for my second print, and I like this a lot more than my first attempt. The simple version of the print looks insect-like and would look great as a print on a high fashion piece. Once I made the more mirrored version, it looked incredibly complicated, like it had taken hours for me to create. Changing it to purple makes the pattern look kaleidoscopic and like the pattern is drawing you in instead of coming out towards you, which is how it looks in green. The purple colour also makes the print feel richer and more expensive, as purple has always been a status symbol. I could see this pattern used on scarves for Liberty’s.

For my third print, I used a picture of some thread under a microscope. I think the flower-like feel of the final pattern works well on its own but could also look good as a repeat. I also like that the print has a natural border because of the section I chose to use.

Versace Mirror Print

Versace Mirrored Print Shirt - Farfetch
Versace Barocco print scarf for Men | UK Online Store

Versace is well known for its elegant gold scarves that look like they have been copied from the richly decorated frescoes of Italian houses but given a baroque edge. The use of photographic images is really effective in creating a bold, graphic print on the shirt. What’s also effective is that the print radiates from a central point outwards, drawing the viewers eyes in. The use of gold in the scarf gives the feel of luxury to a simple square of fabric, and the pattern on it still looks complicated from far away. Versace has made various commitments to sustainability, such as stopping the use of real fur in 2019 and committing to being net-zero and sourcing 100% renewable energy by 2025. But being the big brand that it is, the overproduction of the clothes they make to meet the demand of consumers is still a problem.

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