Buttonholes, Button Stands and Zips

I found the buttonhole foot easy to use and, I liked experimenting with the different buttonhole styles on the sewing machine. It is a lot easier than hand sewing a buttonhole onto a garment and means that if you need to add multiple buttonholes, they will all be uniform.

I found adding the button facing onto the garment a bit confusing at first, but once I drew what I needed to do on paper, I found it much easier to understand. Once I had folded and marked the facing correctly, I sewed on the buttonholes down what would have been the centre front edge. I made sure to mark out evenly where the buttonholes should go, so the finish was neat.

I was worried at first when starting to sew the zip as I have attempted it in the past, and it didn’t go too well. But I tried to follow the demonstration and the instructions correctly, and this zip was much better than my previous attempts! I could still definitely sew a bit straighter and closer around the zip edge, and when I feel more confident, I could add top-stitching.

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