Digital Drawing

So we could get used to the pen tool, the first task was to draw around templates, one with straight edges and one with curved. I found drawing straight edges with the pen tool easy and completed the first house very quickly. The curved house was a lot trickier, and it was hard to make sure the curves lined up with the straight edges. Some of my curves are a bit wobbly, but I am pretty pleased with my first try.

I used the pencil tool to start drawing over my work and chose this Charles Mackintosh style drawing of a Lily to draw over. I found the pencil tool easier to use, and I liked that you can a much smoother version of your original drawing. I used the basic stroke effect to draw the outline, which took a while as there were lots of leaves. I then used a tapered stroke to add more detail to the bud and some of the leaves. This stroke is a lot more delicate, so is perfect to show the lighter ridges and lines of the flower.

For my second drawing, I used some pictures from the microscope photos I took. I went a lot more simple with these drawings, tracing the outline to get more of a pattern from them. I may go back into these at a later date to add a bit more detail for our digital prints, but I love the shapes I was able to pick out already. The first drawing is more of an abstract form, whereas the second one reminds me of the planet Jupiter.

Andrea Minini

Andrea Minini on Behance
7+ Minimal Animal Illustrations by Andrea Minini - Alfalfa Studio

Andrea Minini is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator based in Novara. Her designs are eye-catching and bold and usually use lines to build up the desired shape. I think the simplicity of her designs are effective because they jump out at you, and the subjects she depicts are easy to understand. I also think the way she adds depth to her images by changing the density of the lines works really well.

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