Curved/Right Angle Seams and Changing Darts to Panels

I am pleased with how my curved seam turned out. The seam is not perfect, but there are no visible gathers where the fabric has folded over, and the fabric lines up correctly. I found the balance marks hard to copy from the pattern paper to the fabric correctly, so I lined up the fabric with the pattern paper again and re-drew them to make the lines more accurate.

I found the right-angled seam harder to sew, as once I got to the corner, the cutting and twisting didn’t line up, and the shorter edge ended up with a much larger seam. I’m not sure why this happened, but it may be that I didn’t re-draw the balance marks in the correct space. This seam is not as neat as the curved seam because one side of the seam has not lined up, so the whole thing looks messy.

Changing darts to panels is similar to dart manipulation, you draw a line where you want to insert a panel, making sure it goes through the bust point, cut and fold under unwanted darts and then add paper under the the new panel space.

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