Bodice construction

To start the bodice construction, I first traced the pattern block onto some pattern paper, making sure to mark in the darts and the grain line. I then moved the two front darts under the armpit of the bodice using dart manipulation, drawing then cutting a slit where I wanted the new dart to be, then cutting down both darts and tucking them under with masking tape to widen the area I wanted the new dart to be. I stuck a piece of scrap paper under the new dart I had created, then using a curved ruler, I widened the armhole and neckline on both pattern pieces by 1cm to make the bodice a more comfortable fit. Before I cut out the finished pattern, I added a 1cm seam allowance around both pattern pieces. I then pinned my pattern pieces to the calico, making sure that they lay with the straight grain of the fabric and traced around the pattern, not forgetting to add all of the darts.

Once I had cut out my pieces, I pinned all of the darts down evenly and then sewed them, making sure to hand-turn the last stitches so that the darts look natural. I then pressed them away from the centre front of the bodice. I then sewed the shoulder and side seam, pressed them out and overclocked them to give a clean finish that wouldn’t fray.
I’m pleased with my bodice, as I made sure to sew it neatly and accurately, making it look clean and professional. I struggled to overlock the seams a bit, so next time I think I will give myself a bit more seam allowance to make it easier to overlock neatly and more comfortably. I also found that the iron wasn’t working, so it was hard to get a crisp press of the darts.

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