Final Piece: Lino Printing and Hand-painting Napkins

I started the napkins by adding the larger lino in pink. I tried to match this pink with the pink in the wall hanging so that it ties together. I planned to add the spore lino after this, but I forgot to bring it in, so I just left a space where it needs to go. I then heat pressed all of the napkins so I could hand paint them. The heat press changed the colour of the napkins from blue to purple, which I thought would happen from my previous experience with cabbage dye. I then painted in the half mushroom shape onto the napkins and realised that I had added the lino and the beetroot dye to the wrong side of one of the napkins, so the hem is more visible. It will not stand out too much, but it is an annoying inconsistency in the set and will mean the finish is not as clean. I painted the mushrooms in the same way as the tablecloth, as I didn’t want to sew or monoprint into a more practical item.

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