Final Piece: Photoshoot Ideas and Sketches

To work out how display all of the pieces I have created for this project, I did a few sketches of how areas in my house would look dressed to show my outcomes.

To display everything together, I could use my outside dining area setting it up with food to show how the table cloth and napkins can be used, and how the go together. By setting it up in this area I can also use the beams of the covered seating area to display my wall hanging. I think it would also be nice to show case all of my work in an outdoor setting as the focus ofy collection is mushrooms.

To just display my tablecloth and napkins, I could use my dining table, at set it ready for a meal to show how those pieces will look in a practical interior setting. I am not able to display my wall hanging in this photo, as I have a kitchen-dining room, and wall space is taken up by shelving.

To show my wall hanging, I could use my living room, as there is a large space over the sofa which is perfect for displaying something large like a wall hanging or painting. I would also set this area up appropriately, with cushions and would paint over the swatches.

I could also display all my pieces inside by using my mum’s therapy room as a studio to create a dining area to show off everything. I would move the massage equipment out of the way and use some of the furniture in the room to make a dining setting.

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