Final Piece: Hemming and Adding First Mushroom Lino

Even though I didn’t hem my first piece, I hemmed my second piece as it’s going to be used practically instead of being a display piece. Luckily, the long edges of my fabric are sealed, so I only needed to hem the shortest edges. I pinned everything first and then folded the fabric to check that the edges were even, so I can get the straightest edges possible. For my Lino, I mixed up a colour similar to the cabbage dye I used on my wall hanging, but slightly richer, as I wanted it to be bold and stand out on the fabric. I printed two rows of the Lino on each side for a symmetrical tablecloth. I heat pressed the Lino after I finished printing to allow the tablecloth to be washed after use. After seeing what the fabric looked like on a table, I think I will add another row of Lino on each side of the tablecloth to allow the Lino to be seen on the tabletop as well as the sides.

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