Final Piece: Machine Stitching, adding more Lino and making Final Improvements

I started by free machine stitching into the mushrooms I hadn’t mono printed with brown thread. I kept the fabric as taught as possible to keep the fabric from gathering, which worked well enough and the bits that were gathered add texture and movement to the wall hanging. To finish the wall hanging, I added the small spore print lino I made. The lino looks great, and I think it works well at filling in any of the blank spaces and tying in all of the colours on the hanging. I used an iron to set and dry the small lino, as I didn’t want to sing the thread. I then looked at the wall hanging and decided to add another layer of cabbage dye to the mushrooms to make the colour stronger and stand out more. I also felt that the stitching wasn’t evenly spaced out across the wall hanging and was overwhelmed by the monoprint, so I stitched into one of the already mono printed mushrooms to even it out.

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