Final Piece: Hand Painting and Monoprint

From my dye experimentation, I decided to use cabbage dye. I wanted to paint large, irregular mushrooms on the fabric, so I started by painting the outlines of all the mushrooms onto the fabric. I then added in some simple gills and waited for all of them to dry. I love the colour of the cabbage dye, and I think it looks great paired with the two pink tones. Once the dye dried, I mixed up a dark brown colour to use for the monoprint. It was harder to monoprint on such a larger scale, and the fabric kept catching my pen, but I think the result is worth it, as it adds in a level of detail I couldn’t get with hand painting and gives each mushroom a unique line pattern and pigmentation. Once I had finished the mono-printing, I heat pressed all of the fabric again to set and dry the monoprint I had done over the top of the linoprint.

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