Final Piece: Mordanting and Dyeing Fabric

The first step of my wall hanging is to mordant and dye the fabric. I used soya milk and the same method I had used before to mordant my natural dye samples, but I left the fabric for a week to set the mordant as I had the time. I had been collecting Avocado skins and stones for a few weeks and storing them in the freezer, so I had more than enough to dye my fabric. I used six stones to dye my cotton and simmered them for an hour and a half until it reached the pink I wanted. I then tested the colour before I dyed my final piece of fabric on a smaller sample I had also mordanted. I liked the colour, but I wanted it to be lighter, so I added some more water. I then dyed my main fabric for two hours until it reached the right colour. I didn’t get a picture of the final colour without print on it, but I love the colour, and even though it didn’t dye perfectly even, I like the texture it adds to the fabric.

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