Final Design Idea

From my previous experimentation, I changed my final piece idea accordingly, still dyeing my base fabric with avocado stones but using a different natural dye to paint the cotton instead of avocado skins. I also added more layers to my design inspired by Henry Moores textiles. I will use my mushroom lino print as a background layer and then paint bigger, irregular mushrooms over that, using cabbage beetroot juice. I then want to stitch and monoprint detail onto the mushrooms and add smaller lino prints at the very end.

I dyed two pieces of fabric to test out my ideas, and lino printed onto both of them with slightly different pinks to see which looked more pleasing. I think the second pink matches the fabric better, but on my FMP, I would like the pink to be a bit lighter and act as a texture layer. I then painted with beetroot juice on one and cabbage dye which I had simmered down into a more concentrated liquid on the other. As you can see, the beetroot did not turn blue as it had done on previous samples and stayed a reddish-purple colour. I think the dye blends too much with the pink tones already on the fabric, so I don’t want to use it in my final design. The cabbage dye worked alot better, and the colour has a good contrast with the pinks. I think this will look the most effective with my final design plan.

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