Henry Moore

Henry Moore Textiles | American Craft Council
Barbed Wire | Henry Spencer Moore | V&A Explore The Collections

Henry Moore is a British artist, known mainly for his large abstract sculptures made out of bronze. Lesser know is his foray into textiles design, sparked by a commission from Zika Ascher, a small textiles business owner who commissioned several leading artists to design headscarves now know as Ascher squares in the 1940s. From there, Moore designed textiles fashion and interiors, and two designs he created with David Whitehead for soft furnishings were a big commercial success.

I love Moores sculptural work, and when I was younger, I visited his studios and garden in Herefordshire. Seeing the sculptures up close was amazing, so I love how he still uses very sculptural drawings in his textiles design. I also think the way he lays down a linear base in some of his designs is a really effective way of adding depth to what could be a very flat drawn design. I want to have lots of layers in my wall hanging and the third picture reminds me of mushrooms, and has similar pink tones to what I created with my avocado dyes.

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