Wall Hanging Inspo/Research

I first started gathering inspiration for my wall hanging and how to display it from my magazines. Most of the wall hangings I found were rugs, and there were a few tapestries. I don’t have the equipment or time to make a rug or tapestry, so I want to make a length of fabric that is heavily patterned and hand-painted to give it the feel of a piece of art. The most common way of displaying a wall hanging from the magazine photos seems to be to pin it up or hang it from a pole.

Non-Traditional Wall Décor Ideas to Make a Bold Statement ...
Picture from adorable-home.com

I found this photo of a wall hanging online, which is also a rug but looks more hand-drawn and detailed than some of the other rugs I have seen. I love how it is the centrepiece of the room and that it draws the eye in and brings together all of the colours in the room.

framed ikat textile as wall hanging | THE STYLE FILES
photo from Elle Decor march 2009

When I looked online, I also found this photo of a framed length of fabric, which seems like another interesting way to display my wall hanging when finished.

From my research, I have decided to hang my wall hanging from a hazel branch I had in my garden, as it fits in with the natural theme of the project and goes with the uneven design of my wall hanging.

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