Mushrooms in Medicine

Fungi are the source of many important drugs, and scientists are still researching the untapped potential of fungi for medicinal use. The most famous drug sourced from fungi is penicillin, which is powerful in treating bacterial infections. Other drugs discovered from fungi are Cyclosporine and Mryiocin, two immunosuppressant compounds that come from fungi that grow inside insect larvae. Cyclosporine has made organ transplantation possible by preventing the body from rejecting the organ, and Myriocin has been altered to produce a highly effective treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Medical Psilocybin and the Emerging “Functional” Mushrooms ...

Mushrooms (the fruiting body of fungi) can also be used for medicinal purposes and can be ingested as supplements or just eaten in their natural form. Mushrooms with beneficial health properties include; Lions Mane Mushroom, which helps healthy brain function and neuron regeneration, Shiitake Mushroom, which improves cardiovascular health and the Maitake Mushroom, which helps regulate blood pressure and supports immune function.

More recently, scientists in San Diego have started a clinical trial to see if mushrooms can help treat Covid-19. Also, ongoing research into psychedelic mushrooms has found that they can be up to 80% effective at fighting and combating the symptoms of depression and may also help alcohol addiction.

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