Mushrooms in Fashion-Mushroom Leather

Mushroom leather is a relatively new material first discovered by Danish product designer Jonas Edvard. The material was called MYX and was created using waste material from commercial oyster mushroom production. After harvesting the mushrooms, Edvard discovered that the remaining material could be shaped and dried out. Since then, more people have used and found different ways to produce mushroom leather, most prominently Troy Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre, who started off using mushrooms as insulation and now own Ecovative Design, a company that grows materials for packaging, skincare, textiles and apparel. The most well-known leather around today is Mylo which has been developed by Bolt Thread in partnership with Ecovative Design, but there are many other mushroom leathers created. Mylo is used by brands such as Stella McCartney and Adidas. Mushroom leather is a great alternative to natural leather or synthetic leather as it can be treated without using polluting substances and is completely biodegradable and compostable. In the past, mushroom leather has only been used for bags and accessories but this month, Stella Mcartney released the first ever garments to be made out of Mylo.

stella mccartney

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