Yarn Painting

I used an image of some bracket fungi I took as inspiration for my yarn drawing. I used slightly brighter colours to draw the fungi, as there wasn’t any similar coloured yarn available. I found this task difficult to do as the yarn would sometimes not stick to the page or stick to my fingers, and it was hard to be precise with what I wanted to draw. After it had dried, I painted over the string with a more earthy version of the colours to fill in any gaps the yarn had left and get a print from my sample. As the surface of my drawing is uneven, the print outcome is a bit patchy. If I was to try printing with it again, I would use a printing press to get a better transfer.

Lizan Freijsen

Lizan Freijsen is a dutch painter and textiles designer. She’s inspired by fungi and societies attempt to ban mould and moisture spots from our everyday environment. She has previously installed wallpaper patterned with mould and stains into new builds to give them history and attempt to turn an ugly thing into something beautiful. More recently, Freijsen has been creating rugs and blankets in the shape of moulds and fungi from Petri dishes. I think the way Freijsen keeps the rugs in the shape of the original fungus or mould that formed is effective and gives the pieces a loose, free feel, almost as if they are still growing and spreading. The earthy colour palette Freijsen uses for her rugs works well, and she uses the kinds of colours I want to use in my FMP, which will also be a wall hanging for interiors.

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