Coffee and Monoprint-Independent Sample

I wanted to do a second attempt at the spore print sample, this time using coffee as the base stain instead of an open silkscreen print. I layered the coffee stain up, waiting in between for the layers to dry. I found that I got a better colour match with the coffee than when I used procion dyes. I then used a monoprint to add in the black darker details and used water to bleed the ink and get a stained look, as I did with the silkscreen print. I also experimented with using tea bags to create patchy stains and copying one of the mushroom stains onto it to make a pattern. I also added some lino prints to the sample to add interest. Whilst mono printing the last sample, I made a negative print of the ink after I had drawn on it, which I think has an interesting ghost-like quality.

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