Colour Palettes

6 colour palettes based on imagery I have taken myself of fungi and lichen, and imagery from Pinterest.

FMP colour palette:

For my FMP colour palette, I chose my favourite colours that I created from my natural dye experimentation. I also wanted to have an earthy brow colour in the palette to tie in with the Portabella mushrooms I have been using as reference imagery and to have a strong colour for detail. As you can see, the whole colour palette has earthy undertones and an overall natural feel, which I want to come across in my FMP.

Lucia Litman

pantoneposts And Vegan Oatmeal with Lucia Litman | Pantone colour palettes,  Apple coloring, Pantone
Lucy Litman's Pantone 'Pairing' Food Cards

Lucia Litman is a photographer based in Los Angeles. These pictures are part of a passion project called ‘#pantoneposts’. I think the way she has laid out the photos is effective, with the colour swatches central and lit well. I love how she has searched for the right coloured food to fit the swatch and thought out how to display the food on them. I think this could be a great way to show what objects inspired the basis of your colour scheme and show them clearly.

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