Photoshop Brushes

I experimented with the brushes on photoshop, and the different effects I could create. I really liked the foliage brush, and the hard brush. Lots of the brushes are interesting to use, but I don’t know what situation I would use some of the textures. I also changed the flow and smoothing of the line, and it was interesting to see how much rounder the edges of the lines were.

For my first magazine edit, I drew a rose bush around the model, using the foliage brush as a base and then adding rose-shaped blobs that I then worked into with a slightly altered colour to add detail. I then added vines to the model and smaller flowers. I struggled to draw on the computer only using the touchpad, and as a result, I feel my outcome looks quite childish and messy. To solve this, I would probably use photoshop on a device compatible with a stylus or spend a whole day working on a piece. I think the colours go well together, and I used the ink dropper tool to take colours from the cover so the drawing would tie in.

I had some extra time, so I made a more simple doodle on another magazine cover. I wanted this cover to relate to my focus for the FMP, so I illustrated some fungi and mushrooms on the shoulders and face of the model. As it was a quick drawing, I didn’t add too much detail, just a few extra lines to show texture.

I decided to edit this picture of the first layer from a screenprint I did. I added more detailed lines and then more yellow sections of the gills from the mushrooms. I found it hard to get the precise lines I wanted, but I still think that the brush work has added to the image.

The second picture I worked into, I wanted to add a new layer to an existing screenprint. I added a new lighter layer over the piece of more detailed illustrations. I really like this outcome, and the digital illustrations add so much depth and texture to the piece.

Hattie Stewart

Review of the Year 2015: illustrator Hattie Stewart
How Hattie Stewart became an icon | British GQ
Hattie Stewart: Context and Analysis - R BUCKLE

Hattie Stewart is an English illustrator and self-proclaimed professional doodler. Her fun and playfully illustrated magazine covers are a personal project called ‘doodle-bombing’. Stewart has worked with artists such as Ariana Grande, SZA and Kylie Minogue and has built up a large following due to her work. I think the joyful and bright colours she uses in her work is effective and taps into the audiences childish side. I love the spin her doodles put on magazine covers where the models look so serious and the reoccurring characters in her designs. In my magazine cover edits, I was influenced by the softness of her lines and tried to make my pieces look as hand-drawn as possible

Ana Strumpf

The Graphics "Re.Covers" of Artist Ana Strumpf - IMAGINESS

Ana Strumpf is a Brazilian illustrator, interior and product designer, creative consultant and art director. Her illustrated magazine cover collection ‘Re.Cover’ came from doodling on a magazine during a Skype meeting and posting the results on Instagram. she mainly uses Posca and deco colour markers for her work to get the colours to stand out on the page. Strumpf is inspired by everything from books, to people in the street, to her kids. I think the way she does a completely different design on each of the covers is really effective and how she matches the colours to the models clothing or the colours from the magazine cover itself. I emulated this in my work by choosing colours already existing on my magazine cover or complementing colours.

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