Independent sampling

For my independent sampling, I wanted to create a simple screenprint that I could stitch into. I want to use screenprint in my FMP to add simple shapes to a larger print. I cut out stencils based on the two main colours in mushrooms and one stencil loosely based on a spore print. There were limited colours available for screen printing, so I picked ones that seemed to be close to the colours I have already used. As you can see from the outcomes, the colours are a lot stronger than I expected, and there are a few places where the screen was blocked. I love the graphic nature of the samples I have created, and I think with the right colours, this print could look really effective. To improve these pieces, I free machine-stitched into them to add detail and texture, and to make them fit in with the detailed source imagery.

Angie Lewin

angie lewin | bonbah
Angie+Lewin+-+Meadow+II.jpg 1 600×1 383 pixels (With ...
Saltmarsh, Morston - Angie Lewin
Example of Lewin’s screeprinting from her website

Angie Lewin is a British print maker who uses linocut, screenprint, lithography and wood engraving to create prints inspired by the flowers and fauna of the Scottish and Norfolk landscape. Although she does screenprinting, I was more inspired by her more blocky, bold linocuts and wood engravings as they use a really simple colour scheme and start of with a base of large bright shapes. Another reason I was inspired by her lino and wood cuts is that the colours she uses are not true to the subject, and are more generally inspired by her surroundings. The details she adds to all of her work is really effective, especially when she uses black for the detailed block, as it gives the print a graphic quality.

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