Photography Workshop

I found this task hard to link to my project theme in an interesting way, other than photographing mushrooms I had in my fridge.

1. Using a Laptop to create a cool backdrop

I found this technique difficult to replicate to the standard of the example we were given, but once I used a mirror instead of a piece of hard plastic to rest the mushrooms on, the pictures looked a lot better. This effect looks similar to what lots of companies use to take photos of their products, and when done professionally, it looks really crisp and cool.

2.Creating a simple lightbox with a window and sheet of paper

I found this technique really easy, as just sticking a piece of paper to a window diffuses the light and makes the object pop against the background. This effect reminds me of the white background in photoshoots, and this effect is a great way to make photos look professional.


On my phone, which is android, it’s hard to get the photos as distorted as you would with an iPhone, so I took two pictures with my phone then borrowed my brothers iPhone to make more distorted outcomes. This effect reminds me of funky distorted digital prints you see on some t-shirts and jumpers.

4.Turn Your Smartphone Into A Pinhole Camera

This was my favourite technique to use, as I love the vintage, hazy effect it has given to the photos. This effect reminds me of vintage camera film and old Victorian portraits. I think this effect would work well when taking photos of buildings and people, as you can see from the picture I took of my brother!


I found this effect easy to do, but the results when not very successful as I couldn’t find any coloured plastic. I had to colour in some clear plastic I had with felt-tip pens, which separated into droplets so the filter effect it would give was ruined. I coloured one in a plain green, one with a mushroom shape and the other with blurred rainbow colour to represent the psychedelic properties of some mushrooms. This effect reminds me of the way taking psychedelic substances is portrayed in films and graphics.


This effect didn’t turn out like the examples given, but I still like the cloudy, distorted effect it has given to the photos. The effect reminds me of just naturally blurring a photo. I think if I used a camera, the objects would be more in focus and if I had a jar or glass that didn’t have a makers mark at the bottom.

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