Mushroom Fabric Sampling

As a quick experiment whilst I was doing my mushroom sketches, I made an ink splodge in the shape or a mushroom, then added detail in black marker once it had dried. I like the simplicity of the sample and the different colours the beetroot juice has through the splodge.

From my natural dye experiment, I worked on the two pieces of fabric. On the beetroot dyed piece, I painted into the fabric with the beetroot juice, drawing some woodland mushrooms and spore patterns to see how layering the dye would look. As the piece dried, I found that some areas were a lot more subtle than others, and I love the depth it added to the fabric sample. On the tea-stained fabric, I used beetroot juice to draw whole and sliced parts of the larger mushrooms to see how both dyes worked together. Once the sample had dried, I used a fine liner to add details to the piece. I can see both pieces translating to print, although the beetroot sample would have to be hand-painted, whereas the tea sample would be accomplished with screen printing and lino printing.

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