Drawing Workshop

I used one of my succulents to cast shadows onto the page and draw them using pen, pencil, beetroot juice and tea. In my first drawing, I lightly drew some circles to define where some of my shadow drawings could go, but I didn’t follow the outlines exactly. I feel my first drawing didn’t work out because I mixed too many techniques, and it made the piece confusing. I also added stripes and circles to the background as I wanted to make it easy to turn into a print, but I feel that made the drawing even more confusing. Learning from this, I made my second drawing a lot more structured, starting with a base of circles and drawing the plant only in them. To make it look more like a print, I added lines in the colours I had used to define the circles and create a funky pattern. I like this second print more than the first, as I feel it is more cohesive, and I can see this being used in the textiles industry more than the first.

Emma Larsson

Emma Larsson is a Stockholm-based artist and illustrator. She uses watercolour, oil and acrylic paint to create her colourful dreamscape artwork. She describes her work as an ongoing exploration without rules and conventions, continually generating new forms, patterns and themes. I love the layered and busy nature of her work and how the emotion varies in each piece, with some feeling sad and depressing and others feeling uplifting and positive.

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