Alexander McQueen and Insects

Alexander McQueen is a fashion label created by Lee Alexander McQueen and carried on by Sarah Burton. Both McQueen and Burton take a lot of their inspiration from the natural world, and many of their collections have included influences from the realm of insects. In the Spring Ready-to-wear collection from 2010, McQueen made symmetric fabric patterns from animal prints inspired by the wings of moths and butterflies and turned them into futuristic garments that looked straight from the future. Burton’s use of insects in collections is a lot more obvious, from a dress seemingly made from hundreds of butterfly wings in the Spring Ready-to-wear collection in 2011 to a collection filled with suits and dresses going through the various stages of the chrysalis, some just emerging from the cocoon and others fully-fledged in the Autumn Ready-to-wear collection in 2018. I love all of the forms bugs have given to McQueen’s collections, and it is so interesting to see where the theme of insects can go. I was fortunate enough to go to the 2015 Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A, and seeing some of these pieces up close was such a privilege.

Spring Ready-to-wear 2008
Spring Ready-to-wear 2010
Spring Ready-to-wear 2011
Autumn Ready-to-wear 2018

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