Snow Photography

I started off exploring my back garden looking at the wooden surfaces in my garden and how the texture of the wood affected the way the snow settled. On my shed, the snow had melted and frozen as small droplets on the slats which have created a really lovely texture. I also had piles of wood and twigs in my garden, and the snow had built upon them, which created a nice texture and pattern.

I then started to look at how the snow had fallen on different plants in my garden. The jasmine and lavender held a lot more snow so were buried whereas the yew trees needles couldn’t hold snow unless there were lots bunched up. My cacti were sheltered from the snow so only have a light layer on the very top and bottom. I like how the leaves act as little pops of colour in the blanket of white and, where the snow hasn’t settled as much the snow looks like decoration on the plants.

I tried to link the snow to some of my main focuses for the project, fungi and coral. I first drew some mushrooms into the blank canvas in the snow using a stick, but it was difficult to get a refined drawing, and I feel that it looks quite childish. I then tried to create the texture of coral or lichen in the snow by drawing rough circles in deep snow and allowing it to bunch up and add to the pattern.

I then went on a walk to look at different plants and habitats covered in snow. I first looked at the bracken and bushes covered in snow. The snow made the bushes look cartoonish and bumpy, and the texture of the interlocking and interwoven branches covered in snow was so beautiful. I then looked at the snow-covered catkins and grasses, and I loved the juxtaposition of the bumps in the catkins and the fine texture of the snow. I then took some pictures of branches and trunks with lichen and snow on them. I love how the bright yellow/green of the lichen contrasts with the snow.

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