Vanessa Barragao

Coral Reef by Vanessa Barragao Nazmiyal
Coral Garden by Vanessa Barragao Nazmiyal
Vanessa Barragao - Honestly WTF

Vanessa Barragao is a Portuguese textiles artist who creates underwater landscapes using wasted yarn from the fashion industry. Her rugs and wall hangings are inspired ‘sea gardens’ and the colours and shapes of coral. Barragao wants to highlight the devastating damage that pollution has done to the coral reefs, and some of her work focuses on the death of reefs, using browns and beiges to show the life getting sucked out of the corals. I love the deep, rich colours she uses in her work and the different techniques she uses to depict various coral. All of her work is done by hand using crochet, latch hooking, macrame and knitting. The textures she creates are so beautiful you want to run your hands over her work, and I think it’s a great way to bring awareness to the destruction of the coral reefs. When you see the colour drain out of her pieces, it makes you think about the impact of you’re decisions on the planet and imagine the real coral reefs, the colour slowly draining from them as our pollution kills them. Barragao’s pieces look organic, which matches the formation of reefs. Her pieces look like they have just sprouted up from the wall.

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