Katie Scott

Katie Scott turns science into fantasy with her modern take on anatomical  illustration — Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden
Katie Scott - Big Active
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Katie Scott is a freelance illustrator based in London. She has worked with medical journals and published four encyclopaedic books three which I have (Animalium, Botanicum and Fugarium) just for her illustrations. Her work is very much a contemporary take on scientific drawings and Scott has done projects with various fashion designers, interior designers and filmmakers. She usually works digitally from a tablet, but when drawing animals, she first draws them on paper before transferring them to her computer and adding colour, to make sure her drawings are precise. For the Botanicum, Scott had access to Kew Gardens to study the plants and flowers up close. But for the Animalium she relied on her collection of scientific illustrations and articles that she has built up over the years. I love her work, and I wish I could draw with the same accuracy as her. Her colour palette is so rich and almost dark that her drawings still feel old and vintage.

“For me, it’s not just that this plant is beautiful here and now, but also how it has existed before. I might have seen a picture of it in a medieval book or in a photograph online that affects how I subsequently draw it. With illustration, you’re not just producing a representation but also relaying any number of images and influences that you have absorbed.”

Katie Scott

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