Final Piece: Day 3


  • Zip-Ties -I cut the zip-ties carefully and made sure to check the edges weren’t too sharp
  • Embroidery- I was careful to check where the needles were coming out of the fabric so I didn’t stab myself.
  • Seam Ripper- I seam ripped away from myself to prevent cutting

I changed my idea for how to make the bodice look like armour, as using the metal sheeting wouldn’t work. Luckily I found an adhesive copper sheet at a D.I.Y store, that I cut and stuck on as panelling, and secured with a sewing machine. I also made a structured sleeve by adding zip-tie boning vertically and horizontally onto a triangular piece of fabric, and I made the sleeve curve by using a piece of thread attached the bottom and top of the boning to keep it bent. I attached embossed metal stars and constellations I had made and cut out to my skirt using matching thread, making sure to add some stars to the back of the skirt to make it even. I was inspired by painters depictions of the constellations, so I drew the animal or person the star sign represented around the stars. To make the rips from my design, I sewed patches of black fabric across the mountain and used a seam ripper to tear the first layer of fabric, exposing the black underneath. Once I had ripped into the skirt I felt that the edges weren’t frayed enough, so I used a cheese grater to fray and pull at the edges of the rips, which worked well, and made the edges look worn and jagged. I decided to only rip into the fabric on the mountain as I felt it would ruin the effect of the metal constellations and stars if there were rips near them. I also felt it represented the chaos better as only Mt Olympus was cracking, the home of the Gods.

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