Final Piece: Day 2


  • Craft knife- I was careful to avoid my hands and always cut towards me to avoid hurting myself
  • Hot Glue Gun- I made sure my hands were out of the way when applying the hot glue to the surface, and I waited until the glue had cooled to touch and move the objects

Focusing first on my skirt, I used the sewing machine to sew around the mountain and attach a drawing of a temple I had done on a separate piece of fabric to go on top of the mountain. I then focused on the arrow and sheath part of the design, painting some dowelling I had brought from a D.I.Y shop gold, embossing and cutting out arrow tips and painting the cardboard for the sheath. I used a hot glue gun to attach the metal tips to the dowelling and make a pouch for the arrows to sit in when they are in the cardboard sheath. I made a template of the arrow tip inspired by arrows in Ancient Greek art, to trace around on the metal before embossing, so that all my arrow tips were matching.

Image result for ancient greece arrow | Ancient greek pottery, Greece art, Ancient  greek art

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