Final Piece: Day 1


  • Sewing Machine and Pins – I was careful to keep my hands out of the way when pinning and sewing so I didn’t prick or sew my hands.

I first cut out my skirt for the chaos side using an old pattern I had made for a circle skirt, making it longer by measuring out from the waistline and cutting only half of the pattern. I dip-dyed my skirt using some black tie-dye I had leftover from a kit. I found that the bottom of the skirt wasn’t as dark as I wanted it to be once I had dip-dyed it, so I added some old black Indian ink to the dye and left the bottom of the skirt in there for a little longer, which helped the bottom be greyer and darker. Once that had dried, I used brown dye to draw Mt Olympus, rising into the sky. I then used a tutorial ( to map out a bodice pattern using my measurements and then used the same fabric I had used for the skirt to cut out and sew it together. On my first attempt I sewed the bodice the same side as the order side I had sewed, so I had to unpick all of my work and sew the opposite of what I had done. It was a long process, but I think it was worth it to make a pattern that fits me well and looks neat and professional.

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