Final Piece: Creative Video

For my first video, I decided to do a time-lapse of me using my measurements to make a bodice pattern for the chaos side of my dress. I attempted the time-lapse a few times before I got one were the tripod was set up in the right place and lighting was good, so I had already mapped out the basics of the pattern before I filmed this video. I found it difficult filming at home, as I had to film this in my kitchen and the first video attempts I did my family interrupted and messed up the video as I was doing it quite early in the morning, but once they had finished making food I was able to film the video successfully.

After my first video, I wanted to film one that showed me sewing onto my project, so I filmed myself stitching my embossed metal pieces onto the skirt. I set up my phone on the tripod again and I did it in my room so my family wouldn’t walk in and ruin the video. I think that using a tripod makes the videos seem much more professional, as the footage is steady and at one consistent angle. Using a time-lapse is a great way to show the work that goes into making a garment, as you can cover an hour of work in a few seconds.

I’m pleased with how both my videos turned out, and I like that they show the work that has gone into the piece to make it look like the finished product.

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