Final Piece: Order

I sewed the order side of my dress in a black thread as I knew I had enough, but in reflection, I should have sewn the hems in a similar colour thread to the fabric, as any mistakes I have made are very visible. To represent the order of this side of my dress I wanted to do neat and precise pleating on the bodice, which I think looks effective even though I found it hard to keep the pleats straight and precise down the garment. I made this side of the dress out of two pieces of fabric, one for the bodice and one for the skirt. I kept the skirts pleats quite simple as the bodice pleats are intricate, and I wanted the focus to be on the bodice. I machine stitched all of the hems and the fixing stitches for the pleats, but I hand-stitched lines through the pleating on the bodice to try and keep the pleating in place and define the bust at the front of the garment. I am a bit disappointed at the back of the garment, as the pleats are not as defined, and there is some excess fabric that I couldn’t get rid of. I found it hard to sew the armhole of the dress, and I tacked it in place and tried it on before sewing to make sure it looked correct. I wobbled slightly when sewing the armhole so it is not as neat as I wanted. Overall, I am pleased with my outcome considering the circumstances, and I think it is a good representation of order.

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